What are the Main Use Cases of Web3?

Web3 is a revolutionary technology that offers users greater control over their personal data and decentralized data storage. It is based on a decentralized structure, which transfers control of the Internet from large technology companies to those that use it. Web 3.0 takes advantage of AI, machine learning and blockchain technology, and is expected to enable communication in the real world. People will own their data and be compensated for the time they spend on the Internet, thus increasing user data and privacy with blockchain technology.

The value of the main use cases of web3 is one of the main reasons why it has gained so much attention. To understand what web3 could be like, we can analyze the principles that drive its development and how they can solve conventional inefficiencies in data exchange, asset ownership and financial transactions. The use cases of web3 blockchain also show the involvement of cryptographic security to ensure user information security.


are among the main use cases of web3, as they offer a governance model for web3 organizations.

Web3 browsers also change the online experience by allowing users to use standard browser functionality. The final description of web3, based on its main use cases, shows how it can completely change Internet experiences. Let's learn about various Web3 Internet browsers in the following sections.