What Safety Measures are in Place at a Typical Web3 Event?

Traditional security design principles are as essential to Web3 systems as any other. Builders must incorporate safety-oriented criteria into their designs, products and infrastructure. For example, developers must strive to minimize areas of attack, protect default values and zero-trust frameworks, and ensure separate and minimal privileges. Technologies must take a back seat to the principles that guide their designs.

In addition, avoid risks unique to blockchain architectures, such as 51% attacks or Sybil, by avoiding proof-of-work consensus algorithms, monitoring mining pools, and analyzing other nodes for suspicious behavior. Given the new user responsibilities linked to blockchain keys and wallets, security must be included in user onboarding, communications and experience design. The government magazine Future of Compute Review presents 10 recommendations aimed at helping the United Kingdom become a technological superpower. STEPN is a Web3 lifestyle application with social and gaming elements.

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