How can i register for a web3 event?

The web3, eth, subscribe function allows you to subscribe to specific events in the. Oveit helps you sell traditional and NFT tickets online, manage event registration and accept cashless payments for your event and venue. Join us at AWS Web3 Ready, a one-day virtual event that will showcase the exciting possibilities of using new technologies such as blockchain, NFT and Metaverse, and DeFi. We'll share with you the variety of ways in which startups can take advantage of these systems on AWS.

Get valuable insights from venture capital investors, key founders and technology experts to help forward-thinking startups build a stronger business. Join venture capital investors and investors in blockchain technology as they explore the reasons why you would choose to launch a Web3 startup and how you would apply Web3 technologies to an existing startup. The panelists will share the ideas they have gained from working with cryptocurrency, NFT and metaverse startups; they will identify the key players of the first Web3 start-ups and the problems they are solving; and will describe the errors that should be avoided when exploring Web3 technologies for the first time.