What types of events are hosted by web3 events?

An opportunity to share projects, learn from industry experts and build a network in the Web3 and metaverse industries. The event includes dozens of talks, conferences and roundtables with leaders in the field, as well as a variety of side events, such as hackatons, meetings and workshops. The Ethereum Community Conference (ETHCC) is the largest annual European Ethereum event focused on technology and community. Four intense days of conferences, networking and learning.

The event has up to 1000 delegates seeking to partner strategically with the world's leading cryptocurrency and NFT metaverse companies. WOW HK is the first large-scale Web3 event to be held in Hong Kong after the reopening of its borders and the lifting of restrictions imposed by Covid. An annual two-week event attracts some of the brightest and most innovative minds in the Ethereum and cryptocurrency ecosystem, and is full of meetings, hackatons and social events with thousands of blockchain enthusiasts. The Epic Web3 conference, which will take place in Lisbon, is the most important conference in Europe for Web3 entrepreneurs on how to create and cultivate products in the decentralized industry.

We firmly believe that several blockchain events can become a fantastic platform for Web3 startups to introduce themselves to the general public. The event currently holds the position of being the investment event most focused on the web 3.0 industry. This event is not just a conference, it's a professional environment for the founders of Web3, 26% of creators focused on business. Last year, the conference featured speakers such as Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, Kevin Owocki, founder of Gitcoin, where the world's main Web3 projects are developed, approved and financed, Eli Ben-Sasson, co-founder of StarkWare, which offers scaling and security solutions for Ethereum, and other blockchain and Web3 superstars.

This is a series of events that highlight different financial technology initiatives and that range from invitation-only conferences and roundtables to free events for the community. Whether you're an expert investor, a blockchain fanatic, or just someone interested in learning more about this fundamental technology, there are hundreds of events available, which means that finding the perfect blockchain event to attend can be a challenge. Moonwalker USA has created CryptoWorldCon. With the support of the Government Blockchain Association, CryptoWorldCon is the event that offers a unique opportunity to bring together the biggest names in the industry under one roof during a two-day event to generate a positive impact and opportunities for its attendees.

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