What to Expect from Web3 Events and Conferences

The WAWEB3 conference is a great opportunity to explore the economic opportunities of the mass adoption of Web3 in traditional industries, start-ups and the public sector in Western Australia and globally. With more than 50 exhibitors and 3,000 in person, this two-day event will bring together leading web3 professionals, academics, policy makers and community leaders to explore technology in theory and practice. DCENTRAL is the largest facilitator of multi-chain, community-based cryptographic and Web3 events that focuses on DeFi, NFT, GameFi and DAO. At these Web3 events and conferences, you can expect to be inspired, entertained, educated and create a strong network with like-minded creators and investors.

Senior executives from more than 100 public and private companies will be attending the event, all belonging to the growing Web3 sector. You can also expect to discover the latest trends and technologies in the space. With 26% of attendees being enthusiastic web3 investors, this is an excellent opportunity to network with like-minded entrepreneurs and investors.